Being able to design logos well is a “rare skill”


Being able to create a high-quality, effective logo is a “rare skill,” according to one industry expert.

Patrick Burgoyne – the editor of ‘Creative Review’ – claimed that summing up a company’s ethos in one design was very tricky, especially as logos are “adored elements of our visual culture.”

The expert claimed that whilst these hallmarks were all around us, people rarely take the time to recognise the effort that actually goes into logo design. He then added: “And yet, such graphic devices can attain enormous power. So what makes a successful one?”

“Simplicity helps,” Burgyone argued in The Guardian, citing the Woolmark logo as a perfect example, of which he said: “It’s a beautiful, timeless symbol abstracted just enough.”

“Logos can also be friendly, lovable even,” the expert added, referring to the much-loved Michelin Man design. Burgyone went on to conclude that many logos created today are over-designed, and too complex.

This opinion was shared by fellow industry expert, James Nesbitt; who told eZine Articles that simplicity was key. He even went as far as to say a logo’s simplicity could “make or break” its success, adding: “A good logo shouldn’t be too busy.”

“Busy logos are those that have more than one ‘concept’ –  a good designer will focus on a concept that represents your company while keeping things simple.” Nesbitt also claimed that logos should be highly effective and unique; in addition to being appropriate in all ways (including colour and font) for the company in hand.

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