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Merging design, technology, style and comfort

Partnered with Aston Martin, Quintessence Yachts provide highly exclusive maritime experiences in terms of style, performance and design. Their rich concepts are based on a love of design and detail as they integrate super-car features into their powerboat experience.

When it came to their advertising and promotional materials, Quintessence wanted their high-quality branding and luxurious products to be reflected in a simple yet stylish way.

“Recognition expertly navigated the difficult challenge of producing a co-branded advert and spec sheet with our partner Aston Martin, ensuring that both sets of brand guidelines were considered. We were really impressed by their creativity, professionalism and efficiency.”

Understated elegance

Recognition were tasked to design an advert (left) and two top-end spec sheets (above) which showcased the luxurious Quintessence / Aston Martin AM37 and AM37s yachts.

We achieved this by coming up with an angled design that picks up on the sharp lines of the yachts, whilst still allowing large hero image areas in which to display the high-end imagery taken by a local specialist yacht photographer.

This design style has now been carried across to press adverts and additional printed materials to form a consistent brand look and feel.

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