The best things come to those who wait: welcome to our new website


The main thing we wanted from the new website was for it to show off what we do. So we’ve created a work area, which is now full of case studies, showcasing the range of design and marketing work we undertake from interior design to branding, web design to brochures and everything in between. With each case study we wanted to show the creative process that we go through, so you’ll see initial concepts, photography and different design options that all go into developing the final designs for our clients.

Website pages


The overall design of the new website very much reflects the evolution of the Recognition brand. The star motif remains integral and is reflected in both the logo and the new polygon background pattern. The main brand colour has moved from orange to green, a hint to the fields and woodland that surrounds our Lymington design studio. A new typeface Univia Pro has been chosen for it’s modern yet legible look and feel and has also made an appearance in a refresh of our logo.

New Logo

We spent some time talking to our clients about how they perceive Recognition. There were three recurring themes: creativity, fast and efficient service and the friendliness of our team. Taking these onboard as our USPs we’ve aimed to reflect these three central touch points in both the content and design of the website. Through this website, we’ve really aimed to tell the story of our company, how we came into existence, how we’ve grown and what we stand for. We hope that comes across.

Built in WordPress, the site is now really quick and easy for us to update so expect more case studies and news articles to be added more regularly. It also utilises responsive design techniques to showcase content in the most efficient and legible way across all devices. The code structure is fast and robust, this combined with a new high-speed UK based web server which we’ve invested in mean the site has shown vast improvements in speed compared to its previous incarnation. After some client feedback, we have now integrated the site closely with our systems, so clients are now able to login to our email marketing tool from a link in the footer and can access their files as and when they like from a password protected client area.

As always, tell us what you think. Any thoughts on what you would improve or areas that you particularly like? We’d very much appreciate your feedback by filling in the short form below…

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Some of our clients

  • client logo 1
  • The logo for Barton Peveril College. One of our educational marketing clients.
  • New Forest National Park Logo - A public sector client that we help with their marketing.
  • client logo 4
  • client logo 5