Eurostar unveil new brand identity



With a gleaming, sleek silver logo design, Eurostar have unveiled their new brand identity, reports Creative Review.

The intercontinental rail company invested £700 million on the rebrand, which centres around a 200kg sculpture “brand world”.

The structure is effectively, a shiny steel ‘e’ which exudes a long tail, resonant of a gently curving rail track – though, from another angle, it depicts a “cross-section of a tunnel through which another element suggests the movement of a train.”

Creators say the sculpture forms part of a “brand world” and is not simply a logo. It will be transferred to print media, tickets and trains in a variety of finishes as appropriate, for example, gold for business class and marble for a loyalty scheme.

A bespoke font has been created to echo the smooth tail of the ‘e’ and signage follows the same theme.

The rebrand, according to Marketing Week, was timed to reflect a change in European law which allows the train service to expand into any country within the European Union. It’s likely they will move into Germany and Holland.

A spokesman for the visionaries who created the rebrand enlightened “This re-brand was about creating symbols of change, not a change of symbol.

“So we created a multitude of ways Eurostar can create exciting experiences for their customers and staff, everything is adaptive, everything points towards Eurostar’s design-led point of view.”


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