Poor website design can lose business



Small businesses could lose custom if they have bad websites, experts have suggested.

An independent study of 1,800 consumers found that 37 per cent had completely walked away from a poorly designed website on that basis alone. Of those who stayed, a further 9 per cent opted to spend less time there as a result.

The research highlights the importance of good quality website design for new businesses that are in need of attracting custom.

Lead author of the study Oliver Mauss told pingzine.com, “Keeping an ugly or badly-functioning website online can comprise a risk to sales and revenue. Consumers have higher-than-ever expectations [so] firms must not shy away from addressing their website’s weaknesses”

Of those surveyed, 34 per cent reported finding small business websites “boring” and “unimpressive”, with a further 41 per cent coming across errors such as typos or broken URLs.

On the business side, some 66 per cent of companies surveyed said they struggled to maintain an attractive website, reporting the sourcing of fresh content as the biggest obstacle (38 per cent). In addition, a whole 30 per cent even reported telling customers they were not represented online through embarrassment at the website they did have.

“It is essential that every company website inspires confidence,” Mauss told smallbusiness.co.uk.

“Businesses that invest carefully in their web experience will see higher levels of customer spend, retention and referral.”


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