The Beauty of Brand Guidelines


You don’t need to be running a multi-national corporate to enjoy the efficiencies a comprehensive brand guideline offers.  From start-ups to corporates, we’ve designed brand guidelines for all sorts of clients over the years, whether the brand is “brand” new or well-established, a comprehensive set of easy-to-reference guidelines ensures brand consistency and clarity … wherever, … whenever.

More than a logo…

.. we appreciate that your brand is something you live and breathe, aligned to your core values, filtering down through every aspect of your business, every customer interaction.  To ensure those values resonate in everything you do, we help by creating a brand guideline … the “tool-kit.”

The toolkit …

.. is an easy to use set of tools which demonstrate how the brand should be applied across any media; from banner ads, website, brochures, packaging, uniform, to vehicle livery, building signage and beyond.  Comprising not just the logo, the toolkit outlines a clear set of brand rules; the logo positioning, exclusion areas, colour palettes, fonts, strapline, style and positioning of imagery.

Consistency, consistency, consistency …

… demonstrated via a set of guidelines ensures the brand isn’t left open to misinterpretation.  That way the brand can build recognition and retain consistency, endorsing a customer’s trust in the brand and those hard-earned core values. Subconsciously if you spotted the Tesco logo with Every Little Helps in a different colourway or font style you would question the authenticity of the brand origins, your trust might be shaken, your purchase decision affected.

Size doesn’t matter ….

… you don’t have to be a big corporate to benefit from a set of brand guidelines.  Whilst larger corporates might require a fully comprehensive brand guideline, smaller start-ups might only need an easy reference guide a few pages long.

New or existing …

… whether it’s new branding or collating established brand elements into an easy to use guide for third party suppliers, we will create a brand guideline that suits your business. With years of branding experience, we have learnt that clients find it so much easier to have a pre-determined brand tool-kit to follow, with full suite of logos to use in varying formats, sizes and colours and comprehensive instructions suitable for any application.

As Innovation Director of SETsquared explained “Recognition Creative developed our most recent brand refresh and brand guidelines which were extremely well received by our management and executive board.”

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